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You didn't stumble on my site by accident! You were brought here because there's a small, deep part of yourself that knows that there's something better, or different, or more for your life, and you are not sure what that is. 

It can be awkward looking for a counselor and I would like to help you feel at ease here. 

Feel free to look around. See if anything resonates with you. 

I'm available for reaching out, chatting about what you're looking for, and helping you determine what your next steps might be. 

Even if it's not working with me. 

I do enjoy connecting people with the resources that will help. 

Thank you! 

Valerie Montgomery, Master of Arts in Counseling and Human Services 

Board Certified National Counselor 

Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado

Beyond Beautiful

Beyond Beautiful is the name of Valerie Montgomery’s Counseling practice. Valerie started Beyond Beautiful in 2008, and enjoys supporting women in their emotional, relational, and occupational wellness.

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Enjoy going through the website and be sure to reach out if you have any questions.

Grow your Emotional Wellness
Discover your Authentic Self
Create Harmonious Relationships
Implement Strategies for Personal and/or Professional Image-Building
Re-parent yourself to include Self-honoring and Self-respect
Identify and Supersede your Life Goals

Valerie offers a complimentary, no-pressure, 30 minute co-interview to identify possible options for your next steps. Embedded in a community of counseling professionals, Valerie can identify specific needs and provide powerful referrals through her network of trusted partners. Valerie can be with you in this process of discovery. As a popular speaker and workshop presenter, Valerie can bring discovery to you, your group, or your team. Consider contacting Valerie to discuss how she can help you.  

Get your complimentary, no-pressure,
30 minute co-interview scheduled now!

A Journey of Hope and 
Discovery, in Photo and Verse

Reach out. Talk to Valerie.

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