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"I just wanted to give you a little heads up and initial feedback
I'm just listening and re-listening and therefore properly absorbing the beginning sections of the course, 1 and 2 and having properly started and begun 'engaging' with it, I am realising(British English) how divorced from my deeper feelings that I really am and how pressured and spinning my plates I seem to be.  So, I wanted to say just how grateful I am for this and I'm continuing and it will be very good, I can sense it.  I can also sense a need to make some significant changes and this is a great springboard.  So thank you and I shall be back in touch when I'm further along." Sue J.

Process Poetry
Using Language to 
Discover Your True Self

Valerie Montgomery is first an artist. She remembers feeling excited when the art teacher’s cart entered her first grade classroom. It was through journaling during a painful divorce and worldview collapse that her literary artist appeared and supported her through life’s most poignant moments.Here she has created an educational and emotionally-responsive course supporting your life challenges, changes, and joys. Using the written word you may find depths of your experience yet untapped.
Valerie’s hope is that you allow your emotions to be supported through your writing thereby supporting your heart’s truth. By taking time to record your feelings like never before, you may invite your own healing.Course Concepts:
· Emotions and life do not always follow the same course. Sometimes we can benefit from support around our feelings and what we do with them.
· This course offers a unique method for tapping into your “feeling reality.”
· Using your own space, time, and supplies, you are invited to explore a deeper understanding and “processing” of your emotions.
· The goal is not a product, but may produce a result of your emotional exploration.
· The relationship you have with yourself is the most important piece of this practice.
· Think of this course as an experiment. Let’s just see what happens. You may find that you know yourself a bit better from taking this course.
· Combining techniques of free-writing, tapping into feelings, and exploring life’s nuances in a deeply personal way can change the way you feel about yourself and your place in your world.
· Increased self understanding in a supported way as an experiment of self-growth and healing.VM October 2019