Services Offered

Beyond Beautiful Services:

  • Professional Counseling
  • Career Counseling
  • Counselor Supervision
  • Speaking/Events

What is counseling?

Counseling is a method for processing of transitions, relationships, or people who are challenging or feelings that are overwhelming. Counseling can be a safe place to review your options and voice thoughts that you haven’t shared before. Valerie uses an integrative and intuitively creative approach to be with you in your process. You may experience feeling heard, validated, and honored for the first time in your life. Yes, it’s scary to try something different. Valerie understands how difficult it can be to make this decision for yourself.


Professional Counseling

  • Are you struggling with life?
  • Are there times when you feel like you’re all alone?
  • Would being able to talk with Valerie help?

Consider giving yourself the gift of counseling. Professional Counseling is a special opportunity for you to process how you are feeling, try out new ways of thinking, putting “out there” something you have not told another person. Image feeling safe and totally free to explore your thoughts. And confidential. Contact Valerie and just try it. If you’ve never had counseling, you might be refreshed by trying it out. If you’ve have counseling and it hasn’t been a great experience, trying a new counselor can be just what you need.


Career Counseling

How effective do you feel in your job? How sure are you in your choice of career? Are you fulfilled at work? These are all questions that may be coming up for you. You spend more time at work than in any other activity or hobby. If you struggle with questions about your best-fit job, consider talking with Valerie. You can take into account your learning styles, love languages, cultural background and life experience. How does your family history play into what you have chosen for your life’s work? Talking through this impactful decision can be the best gift you give yourself.