A Journey of Hope and Discovery


From the Author

Poetry comes to me naturally; it is a healthy expression of my trials and questions and it gives me the opportunity to explore my emotions. When my thoughts are on paper my mind and my heart start to make sense of my emotions. When the three process together there is healing.

I offer these poems and beautiful photographs to you as an extension of my healing in the hopes that your mind, your heart and your emotions can process your trials together, and with me. As you do, you will find your inner beauty and learn to let it shine in your life.

As you read these poems, let them bring healing to your life. If you know someone who is recovering from pain in her life; from divorce, addiction, abuse, or other emotional or physical pains, this book could be the healing catalyst she/he may need. Offer it as such knowing that there is beauty in the gift.

– Valerie Montgomery

What People Are Saying

When a woman achieves her personal best in life, it naturally oozes into the lives of those around her. The woman is like the center of a flower, and as the petals of her life open, she realizes more of her innate potential, and the people around her start to open too. Most women need to feel beautiful, and when they recover from the pain in life to embrace more of their natural essence they become Beyond Beautiful! To make this happen, a woman needs to work through the many physical, career, relational, emotional and spiritual transitions that occur in her life. These transitions and experiences give her opportunities for growth and awareness. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, author Valerie Montgomery creatively supports each client as they pass through their life challenges, meeting women where they are and holding them as they become more aware of themselves and where they want to be. This book of verse is an extension of Valerie’s support and presents an opportunity for the women in your life to be held as they journey through the pain with Valerie, and then be amazed as they find the beauty in themselves from the process. Join the author on her journey and find that you, too, are Beyond Beautiful.


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A well written book of poems from the heart, that will encourage you and give you hope!

Working on recovery and need a break from all the “self help books”? Pick up this heartwarming book of personal poems to discover encouragement to lift your spirit!

A wonderful book of poems that will inspire you to seek recovery. In the busyness of life, this is truly a wonderful escape into beautiful poems, written from life experiences.

A heartwarming book of personal poems that will inspire you and restore hope to your day.

Donna W.

I am touched in the deepest part of my heart reading and experiencing A Journey of Hope and Discovery in Photo and Verse. It has released a piece of grieving in me I did not realize was still present.

Donna W.

“Just wanted to follow up and share my appreciation. Your book was so beautiful and deeply loving. I resonated with so much of it. In the midst of reading I lost my grandmother. Your words reminded me that some pains in life are unavoidable but we’re never alone. We’re always held. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your truth and wisdom with me.” Brittany P.

Dear Val,

I received your book and want to thank you very much for it. It was so sweet of you to remember my birthday. Your book is very beautifully illustrated (I guess that is the right word) and it is so colorful and pleasing to the eye from the cover to all of the pages.

Your poems are full of deep meaning and thus I feel I need to re-read each one, one at a time,in order fully grasp the pain expressed or the emotion therein. Starting at the beginning with your dedication of your book to my brother and me, the tears started flowing. I would say more but it is late. Just know that I love you and your book.”

Aunt Betty.

I SOOO enjoyed your book. It’s hard to be a modern day poet but you’ve done it. Great job with your book!