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Near-death experiences tantalize the public’s interest in what lies beyond the final human breath. Answers have been streaming by the thousands during the last few decades from people who have had them. However, grand designs can only be splendidly revealed by connecting thousands of NDE accounts like a jigsaw puzzle. In his groundbreaking book, “Psychology and the Near-Death Experience,” Roy L. Hill roughly sketches God’s canvas by integrating hundreds of NDE testimonies within the context of human psychology. As an inquisitive psychologist with strong spiritual roots, Roy’s book uniquely mixes academic curiosity with a deep reverence for the sacred. The reader can expect exposure to profound spiritual insights throughout the book. Systems of meaning will be challenged, new purpose will be defined, and the nature of self will be primed for discovery. In this manner, “Psychology and the Near-Death Experience” may aid the spiritual explorer in their search for God.

This excellent book by psychologist Roy Hill goes beyond the slate of recent books which tell about an NDE experience. This book looks at those experiences from a totality and asks, explores and to a large degree answers “what does the NDE ultimately mean” to the experienced and to the wider audience. Highly recommend!

CR (Amazon review)

“An awesome read” The Prologue to the book will even get you hooked, how often does that happen? !! This book is well written and very well thought out. His view from a psychology standpoint and spiritual take is very insightful and thought provoking. It’s refreshing to see a view on this topic from the vantage point of a psychologist. It helps you understand yourself (analytically) and your connection to the divine without sounding religious, or over the top, or “another one of those ‘NDE’ books”. There are chapters devoted to some scientific explanation which helps put things in perspective. This author has worked with some really bad people in prisons and this brings a unique view to things as well. Working in the medical field, I have had a friend and fellow engineer die in the Cath lab for nearly 45 minutes. He told me what he saw and was told by the God and a ‘collective consciousness” on the other side- its has transformed me in my tracks and I have been researching it ever since. I have read quite a bit and have utilized the NDERF.org site like this author has for some of his examples. He has quotes and explanations from CS Lewis and many other great thinkers you may not have heard about and that in itself is a small guide to more reading if you are interested. We all have a path in life to follow, this book has served me in better finding my direction in life. I hope you can benefit from it too.

Very well written and well documented. In this book, Dr. Hill provides significant insights into the incipient field of NDE. A must read for anyone seriously interested in gaining understanding.

Michael (Amazon review)

A previous skeptic who has never had an NDE, I, nevertheless, found this book to be profound and eye-opening. Admittedly, I wondered a bit if Dr. Hill’s conclusions about the never-ending life of the soul were somewhat “wishful thinking.” Yet, his many interviews with people who had had NDEs was very convincing evidence that we do continue beyond our earthly existence (comforting, for sure). The best parts of the book, though, were the many chapters and passages about how all of us, no matter what we think about NDEs, can live a better, more spiritual life on earth, seeking God through loving actions towards others. The book confirms we humans have free will, can choose the lives we desire and will be the ultimate judges of how we have lived our lives.

Gemini (Amazon review)