My Version of “Mental Health”

@Poetry719 prompt on IG May 17 2021

Mental Health is when you feel ultimately yourself.

You’re clear what you’re feeling and you take steps to meet your needs and wants, when you can.

Grace is extended for your life processes as they show up.

Care is taken from deep within to harbor your highest and best good.

Others in your life benefit from the care you naturally extend as an overflow of self-love.

Sacrifice is taken with knowledge and forethought; and is temporary.

Your reality is congruent with who you deeply are-inside and out.

You feel alive in your choices: friends, community, career.

You engender good and rightness of being in your choices.

You hold your own value and know when and how to establish limits.

You practice all these principles and forgive oversights and return to your values.

You know the information your true emotions offer.

You allow yourself physical form to express its metabolizing of this truth: you cry, yawn, burp, rage, or dance with safety.

You are fully you!

While not offending yourself or others.

You practice across your life-span building resilience as you integrate and grow.

You love: well, fully, and with boundaries.

Thanks for the prompt!

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